Prevention system for the onset of cerebral aneurysm

In this research, we aim to develop a system to predict whether a healthy person will develop a cerebral aneurysm in the future. The research background is that accumulation of enormous medical images and establishment of preventive medicine for cerebral aneurysms are inadequate. As a cause of the cerebral aneurysm, it is thought that the flow of the blood flow changes with the time series change of the blood vessel shape. In addition, because the blood vessel bifurcation is a predilection site for cerebral aneurysms, we have formed a hypothesis that there is a correlation between cerebral aneurysm and vessel shape.In order to verify the above hypothesis, we will verify whether or not there is an effective blood vessel shape feature for discriminating the presence or absence of a cerebral aneurysm by three-dimensionally restoring the cerebral vessel from the medical image and performing machine learning on the cerebral vessel shape feature (vessel diameter, curvature, etc.)

Umezu Lab, Waseda University

◆Published literature
〇Domestic Conference
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