Visual recognition of disaster response robot

Accidents / disasters caused by large earthquakes, accidents at nuclear power plants, etc. are very dangerous environments for humans to enter and work, so the demand for robots working on behalf of humans under such circumstances It is rising. As part of meeting the demand, Waseda University Takanishi laboratory develops disaster response robot WAREC. We are conducting research on the visual function of robot using image processing so that this robot can smoothly work on disaster response. Specifically, we are conducting research on (1) the detection of ladder ridges when the robot moves up and down, (2) acquiring fraudulent road information when the robot moves on a rogue road, and (3) object detection during robot manipulation .

Disaster Response Robot WAREC(Takanishi Lab, Waseda University)

◆Published literature
〇International Conference
[1] Keishi Nishikawa, Zhao Wang, Jun Ohya, Takashi Matsuzawa, Kenji Hashimoto, and Atsuo Takanishi ,“Automatic, Accurate Estimation of the position and pose of a Ladder in 3D Point Cloud”, The 5th IIEEJ International Workshop on Image Electronics and Visual Computing