User Interface using eye opening

When we hard to see, we always narrow our eyes. When we are interested in something, we widen our eyes to see hole objects. In human behavioral psychology, there are some features that we narrow our eyes when we try to see details, we widen our eyes when we see hole objects.
In our research, we try to make the system that we can easily manipulate PC and Smartphones without using hands by using our eye opening by using these behaviors. We try to improve recognition system and make the applications such as manipulate the zoom of GoogleMaps.

◆Published literature
〇Domestic Conference
[1] Chanjin SEO,Satoshi SHIMA,Jun OHYA,”顔画像中の瞼の応答性を表現する制御モデルによる目の開閉度の連続的な検出法の検討”,IIEEJ(2017.3)